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Metro and bus

Over a third of Montrealers make daily use of the métro and buses, on average taking some 1.4 million trips a day on weekdays.

Transgesco s.e.c. (limited partnership) has chosen Astral Affichage, a company specializing in the sale of ad space in Canada’s public transportation systems, to sell and manage ad space in the STM’s métro and buses.

Astral Affichage offers a wide range of advertising products that effectively reach customers on the go.

Transit Shelter Advertising

Quebecor Media Out of Home is mandated to sell and manage ad space on the 1,500 transit shelters throughout the vast territory served by the STM.

Quebecor Media is committed to replacing all existing shelters by 2020 and installing an additional 850 shelters in strategic locations for a total of over 2,700.

The new transit shelters are more modern and comfortable. The concept was developed by design consortium Leblanc + Turcotte + Spooner, winner of the transit shelter competition organized by Design Montréal (City of Montréal).

Québecor Média installed 279 new transit shelters in 2014, along with 25 digital transit shelters, bringing the total to 75.

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and Technology

Part of Transgesco’s mandate is to develop technologies to enhance the passenger experience.

These include adding wireless reception equipment to support the deployment of a cutting-edge mobile network in the métro system, installing 75 digital transit shelters with hand motion recognition capability, and installing digital displays that show métro arrival times and other passenger-oriented information throughout the métro.

These are just a few examples of the new technologies that have been progressively deployed to meet riders’ needs and improve the quality of their public transit experience.

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Real Estate
and Commercial Activities

Mobility in cities is changing. Young city dwellers have fewer cars and are increasingly choosing to live near their workplace. This means that businesses need to become more flexible and more aware of these new realities and adapt accordingly.

One of Transgesco’s mandates is to always be on the lookout for new technologies and to keep abreast of the latest shopping trends.

Commercial Space in the Métro

Transgesco s.e.c. (limited partnership) has entrusted Métrocom with the development and rental of retail space in the Montréal métro. Métrocom’s objective is to offer increasingly diversified shops and services to make the métro a more lively and dynamic environment.

STM Real Estate and Air Rights

Real estate holdings and air rights offer excellent development potential to the STM. One of Transgesco’s mandates is to examine the most profitable and advantageous ways the company can promote and develop these assets.

Temporary Stands

A lessee who wishes to temporarily occupy a preauthorized space in a métro station must rent it through Métrocom.

Shop STM

Online store offering authentic STM products in collaboration with Motivo Promotions Group, who holds the exclusive rights on the STM brand. Most products are made in Canada, some even in Montréal.

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One of Transgesco’s activities is to make STM’s multidisciplinary resources and other resources available to companies involved in public transportation to help them deliver effective and efficient service at the lowest cost.


If you need training experts to optimize your staff’s understanding of specialized topics or to increase your effectiveness and efficiency, or if you require specialized expertise for a specific period, Transconseil’s consulting resources can help you make well-informed strategic decisions.

Transconseil offers direct access to highly skilled resources by leveraging the STM’s human resources, who have won numerous awards, including the prestigious American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Award for Outstanding Public Transportation System in North America in 2011.


  • Provided expert advice to Quebec’s department of transportation in drafting regulations governing specialized vehicles for the transportation of people with disabilities.
  • Trained over 2,000 paratransit drivers in Quebec.
  • Carried out a quality assurance contract for the manufacture of city buses.
  • Developed a training program for the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC).
  • Provided public transit companies (on a temporary basis) with key resources for:
    1. The operation of bus and subway systems
    2. The maintenance of bus and subway systems
    3. Engineering, projects and construction
    4. Legal affairs
    5. Smart cards
    6. Computer systems
    7. Planning
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